Saturday, August 13, 2016

Letter to the Man Who Bailed Me Out Of Jail

Dear Avery,

            I know we haven’t talked in a while, and I’m sorry about that. After everything that happened, I’ve been trying to take a minute and figure out what I should be doing with my life. One of the things I decided I wanted to do is let you know how grateful I am to you for all you did for me. 

            When I got arrested and my bail was posted, my life kind of came into focus right then. It was like time slowed and warped around me and I saw what an idiot I had been. That bail amount seemed like a lot of money. I knew there wasn’t anyone that thought enough about me to help me with the cost. I thought about the people I should be able to make that phone call to, but couldn’t. I knew there were agencies that could help me, but I was overwhelmed and scared. I thought of you and how you might pick up that phone. I called you and you called that bail bond agent and got everything straightened out even though we hadn’t talked in months. I didn’t even know what a bail bond agent was, and I know my mom and dad, or anyone else, wouldn’t have. You were the right person to call.      

            After you met with the bail bond agent and got the payment all straightened out, you came and got me and explained to me how it all worked. The agency accepted a small fee for collateral. At the time, you didn’t tell me how much it was; you just said it was taken care of. Now I know it was ten percent – twenty five hundred bucks. You told me the agency would pay the rest of my bail as long as I made my court dates. I remember picturing some muscular bounty hunter coming after me, pulling me out of bed and shoving shoes on my feet. It seemed silly then, until it was you doing that. 

            With the agency sniffing down my neck and you checking up on me, I thought, “I can do this.” But my moment of clarity passed, and with each date I almost missed, I felt more and more guilty for how much you were doing for me. It was detrimental, and kept me from getting there and doing what I had to do. You did it for me instead.

            When it was all over and the bail bonds agent was paid – when he was out of our lives – it was just you, me, and what I owed you, and the life I had to pick up in pieces. I’m sorry I left without paying you back. I was scared. I felt guilty. I didn’t know how much you had paid that agent, and I told myself it must not have been too much.

            Since then, however, I’ve done a bit of research. I’ve learned more about consequences of my actions, and the increasing amounts of bail money and jail time if I don’t change my ways. Slowly, I’ve scared myself into getting a job and getting help. I called my parents. Now I’m writing you. Enclosed is a third of the money you paid the bonds agent. I was lucky. I got off lucky. And I’m lucky you answered the phone that night and took a chance on me. I’m lucky you kept the bonds agency off my back. I’m just plain lucky.

Hopefully we cross paths again,


By the way, how did you know about bail bond agencies? Any experience, or did you figure it out then to help me?